Taxi Drivers

The Many Faces Of A London Cabbie

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Taxi Drivers – The Many Faces Of A London Cabbie.

Fact:- Londons taxi drivers are the best in the world.

This project is my very personal & unique look at the men & women who have completed The Knowledge Of London and have gained the right to called themselves a “London Cab Driver” as stated on the Green Badge they all wear with pride around their necks.

Lots can be said about a London taxi driver but let me tell you one important thing, they are made up of a diverse multicultural bunch of people from all walks of life. And why may you ask what gives me the right to comment on this subject? Well, I’m also proud to call myself a London Taxi Driver and these people are my friends and colleagues. Be Lucky!

Portraits Of The Drivers

A London cabbie is the best in the world. It doesn’t matter if you give them a street name, a famous landmark, a hotel name or famous point of interest, they will know exactly where it is and they will get you to it in the shortest route possible.
I have been photographing portraits of London taxi drivers over past few years. I hope these portraits give you an idea of the diverse make-up of the modern London cabbie. To view the portraits please CLICK HERE.

Taxi Demos

I have been documenting these many protests that London taxi drivers have held in the capital over the past few years.
I feel that these photos capture are an important moment in the social history of 21st century London by illustrating the struggle of the modern working classes against the government & Transport for London, who are trying to deregulate the taxis trade for the benefit of greedy corporate companies and venture capitalists, which will destroy the livelihoods of around 24,000 London taxi drivers. To view the Taxi Demos gallery CLICK HERE.

Charity Work

London taxi trade and its drivers do a lot of excellent work supporting many charity organisations. These include trips to Disneyland Paris for unprivileged through to working with our war veterans. I have been privileged to have photographed some of the veterans through my connection with including the recent 2017 Back To The Beaches trip to Normandy. To view the Charity Work gallery CLICK HERE.

The Knowledge

To become a London taxi driver you have to complete The Knowledge of London!
You need to master no fewer than 320 basic routes, all of the 25,000 streets and approximately 20,000 landmarks and places of public interest that are located within a six-mile radius of Charing Cross. It takes the average person between 3 and 4 years to learn The Knowledge. To view The Knowledge gallery CLICK HERE.