Latest Project

Taxi Drivers – The Many Faces Of A London Cabbie.
This project documents many diverse faces of the men & women who are London taxi drivers. The photos include portraits of the taxi drivers, images from the many protests against the regulator Transport for London  & the government who are trying to deregulate the London taxi trade, the tireless work they do for charity and a look at those who are studying “The Knowledge” to become a London cab driver.

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My Portfolio
I shoot & photograph many different subjects. My work ranges from studio to location including commercial work, live music events, corporate events, weddings and functions.

I’ve had my images featured in various print & online publications. I also shoot stock photos for Getty Images, iStock, Shutterstock and Adobe Stock.

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My Services

About Me
I’m an independent photographer based in Clerkenwell, central London shooting portraits, corporate functions, editorial commissions and events.
I work on location or in a professional photographic studio and I also offer a Photoshop digital retouching service including editing, image manipulation and photo restoration.

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